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Epic, Dramatic, Tense, Uplifting, Complex Music for your Film, TV, Series or Game in Dolby Atmos

Music Scoring for Film, Games, and Commercials – Film Scoring Dolby Atmos

Falling Stars – Film Score in Dolby Atmos Format. Listen on headphones!
Victory – Cinematic Version. Music for Action in Dolby Atmos Format.
Moving Currents. Music for Action / Thriller Score.
New Grounds. Music for Drama Score.

Music for NFT

Music Composition for NFT by Pan Zadorojniy – Harms Shield
Music Composition for NFT by Pan Zadorojniy – Posolon Shield
Music Composition for NFT by Vladimir Vorobyev
Music Composition for NFT by Pan Zadorojniy – Sword of Elements

Music That Connects

In the world of music libraries and sync licenses, music has become a sterile commodity.

Not tailored to your film or game specifically, it makes the viewer disjointed and lacks memorability and engagement.

Yet, to break through the saturated ceiling of video and game content, you have to stand out with the sound that connects the viewer to your product.

Moreover, with the rapid expansion of Dolby Atmos Format, your score has to be specifically tailored and written to accommodate the incredible depth that Dolby Atmos offers, otherwise, the upmixed stereo results are subpar at best.

You simply need a guide on this epic path.

Doctor Mike Trubetskov at work - Producer, Composer, Engineer at EOL Studios and Custom Cinematic Songwriting
Doctor Mike - Producer, Composer, Mix Engineer

Meet Doctor Mike Trubetskov

Striving to make music my career from childhood, I’ve come an epic path from Doctorate in Biochemistry to becoming a Game and Film Composer and Music Producer.

Classically trained Piano Player by education, and Heavy Metal Producer and Guitarist by nature, I now help Film Producers and Game Directors to connect viewers with their art through Custom Cinematic Songwriting.

I compose for Dolby Atmos specifically to help you not just meet but exceed the modern format requirements.

Discuss Your Project with Doctor Mike Trubetskov

I offer Songwriting, Film Scoring, Mixing for TV, Commercials, Films, Series, NFT, and Games. Suitable for Dolby Atmos. Get in touch to discuss your project!

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